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Jul 23, 2014

More animal things

Because Ben and I are crazy committed to animal welfare, we went to a fundraiser for No-Kill Harford two weeks ago.  It was a lot of fun.  I sucked at golf and got a t-shirt for my efforts.

Here we are being goofy on the red carpet.  Ben had no idea what was coming.

Tomorrow and Friday I have some boring cleaning to do, but this Saturday we're talking the pups to the park.  Bucky has a therapy gig at the library also.  AND we're getting a new foster kitten to keep our current foster baby happy.  His name is Chaplin, which leads me to believe he may have a Hitler stache?  Are we getting a Kitler?  I'm excited.

Jul 21, 2014

Happy pups

Last week was terribly busy, but I managed to take the dogs to the local historical farm-park.  We had such cool days, and I wanted to take advantage of them before the temperature shoots back up into the stratosphere.

We walked a small trail, then stopped under a large tree for a breather and a drink.  The stone wall behind the pups is actually the slave graveyard - the park used to be a working farm in the 17 and 1800s.  I've never run into a slave cemetery before, probably because I'm from the north and we didn't pull as much of that slavery crap.  The cemetery is inside those four stone walls, and is terribly overgrown.  It is considered abandoned, and no one is sure who is even buried in there.  I think that's terrible.

I just finished a book called The Restorer and it's about a woman who restores abandoned grave sites.  It's fiction, but people like that do exist.  I wish someone would come here to document who is buried, install markers, and clean up the site.

The dogs had a great time, and I really needed a break.  At one point I simply tied their leashes together and let them walk each other.  Hey, they're both old and neither one of them are going anywhere.  This was our second trip to the park: the first experience was marred by one of Laceigh's nosebleeds.  Thankfully, we were spared that on our walk.

Don't they look happy?  I can't wait to go back.

Jul 7, 2014

Fiddlesticks and Flambeau

Fiddlesticks came to me with a slight case of pink eye, and developed a mild upper respiratory infection.  Both ailments required medicine, and both have cleared up nicely.  This kitten absolutely loved my dog, and would likely do well in a home with dogs.  She was curious and not the least bit afraid of my old pooch.  And my sweet pup was nice to the kittens in return.  Fiddlesticks enjoyed chewing on my dog's tail, lightly patting her on the face, and jumping all over her.  She is, in general, an outgoing kitten.

Flambeau was such a sweet girl!  She was very well-behaved when being weighed, and was sweet to the dog.  She didn't interact much with her, but was not afraid.  Flambeau would also likely do well in a home with dogs.  Like her sisters, she liked to be picked up and cuddled.  She was not a bit shy, and would play with whatever came her way.  All four of these kittens were fairly mellow.

Jul 2, 2014

Farm update

I took these last week, and they're already somewhat out of date.  My herb trough has been overrun by the spearmint, which I knew would happen should it actually grow (I'm a bit of a black thumb).  The corn is coming up, though one pot needs to be moved into a sunnier spot.  Those spots are tough to come by, so I'll have to be creative about that one.  Cucumbers are already twice as tall as they are here!  I added a cucumber fence, and they're loving it.  I have one more cuke plant to add, but it's been too hot for gardening lately (or too rainy).  Most everything I have is doing quite well this year.

Tomorrow I have to post about my other two kittens - they went back to the SPCA on Monday and I miss them terribly!

Jun 27, 2014

Foster kittens Florian and Firecracker

Florian is one of two Tortie kittens that I have been fostering.  She is now back at the SPCA.  While she was here, she was not afraid of anything.  This little girl was eager to explore every inch of her space, and played with anything she could get her paws on.  When introduced to a large feather toy, she immediately tackled it.  Some of her sisters were more shy with it.  She is very sweet and enjoys being held.  We worked with her on getting her used to having her paws handled and her tummy rubbed.  She is a great little friend!

Firecracker is at the SPCA with her sister, Florian.  She is black, but may develop some Tortie coloring.  Like her sisters, she enjoys being held.  This one even fell asleep in my arms.  She plays very well with her tiny mouse toys, and will amuse herself for quite awhile.  Firecracker is slightly more shy than Florian, but only takes a second to warm up.  These two girls really like playing together, so please consider adopting both!

Jun 20, 2014

Animal things

One of the major things I'm going this summer is animal rescue volunteering.  Bucky is signed up at the library, and at Ronald McDonald House.  Sick kids need Bucky therapy!  We're still doing transport for MAESSR, and emergency fostering as needed.

I recently started volunteering with the local SPCA.  I'll be bringing dogs to their satellite adoption center on various Saturdays.  I'll also be spending various afternoons taking dogs to the park, or wherever they'd like to go.  But right now, I'm fostering!  I have four baby tortoise shell-print kitties living in my guest bedroom.  They're terribly cute and sweet.  I actually think I'm making them too needy, but I suppose that's what people will want.  Who wouldn't love a sweet, loving kitty?  I even had one in a make-shift papoose today.

My pictures of them are lame.  Ben will have to get in there and take better shots.  This weekend we will be trying to get individual photos so I can write about each kitten and provide information for their eventual adopters (and post them here!).  Jeni from NJ did such a great job with pictures of, and info about, my Eva, and I want to do the same.  I should post come Eva baby pictures.  She was just adorable.

Two weekends ago we pulled a dog from the shelter for MAESSR and transported him to meet his foster mom.  She was concerned about his size (we weren't told how big he was), and almost gave him to me to foster instead.  The president of the rescue happened to be in the area though, and she took him.  Oh, I would have loved to love him for awhile until a more permanent situation could be found!  He's in great hands with our president.

He spent most of the ride with his head on my lap.  It's so difficult to go to the shelter and see all the poor animals, but that made it worth the discomfort.

Jun 18, 2014

Dry sink stays dry

I was able to work on this dry sink today, but of course, it's 90 degrees out and this isn't easy work.  Isn't that pink delightful?  Barf.  The orange is the paint stripper, bubbling up and destroying that pastel nightmare.  I imagine that this was in a baby's room at some point.  Perhaps it was used as a changing table?  I'm sure it was delightful for that purpose, but it's high time it got a new life.  I'm hoping to have all the stripping done tomorrow so I can start on sanding.  I'd love to start staining on Friday, but we will see how it goes.

We narrowly avoided disaster with the dry sink this evening.  It was just so hot and clear today that I didn't think we were due for rain.  I wrapped the main unit in the tarp but left the drawers sitting out, meaning to cover them later (just in case).  Ben came home and we went out to dinner.  Can you see where this is going?  As we're ordering dessert, I happen to look outside: torrential downpour.  I was devastated!  All the money, time, and energy put into this thing only to have it ruined by the rain.  

The rain only lasted a little while longer, and had completely stopped by the time we left.  On the way home, the radio beeped with storm warnings: apparently this is a bad one.  Thunder and lightning for sure, but really nothing we didn't see last week.  I get home expecting the worst, but it hadn't even rained here!  We were at dinner only two or three miles up the road, but home was bone dry.  We scurried to cover everything, let the dogs out, take out the trash, and generally hunker down.  Only after we were completely finished did it start to rain.  I'm pretty sure that counts as a miracle.

Jun 16, 2014


Ben and I went out for dinner after getting the poor guy a new phone.  Of course, he spent much of the time learning how to work its each and every feature.  The camera, apparently, has a lot going on.  We had some fun with it over dinner at Friday's.

Last week it stormed every single day, which kept me away from my latest art project.  When the weather allows it to be so, I'm attempting to restore a Victorian dry sink.  This is my first swing at fixing up crappy furniture (and boy was this thing a mess).  I don't think I got any before photos, but it was covered in Mamie-pink paint.  The girls at the shop thought it was oh-so-cute and I didn't have the heart to tell them that I thought it was crap, and would thus be stripping it ASAP.

This decorative backsplash bit was particularly hard to strip.  I must have sanded it half-dozen times, and probably used 20 coats of Jasco paint stripper.  I had been using the spray can, but Lowe's ran out, so I was forced to buy the goop in the can.  This made the job even more difficult: it's rather hard to be precise with a Jello-like substance.  There are so many nooks and crannies in this thing.  I've spent more time on this small part that I have/will spend on the rest of the thing.

Today I did all I'm going to do on it.  It's not quite perfect, but I think it's good enough.  Tomorrow I will continue with the rest of the unit.

Jun 9, 2014

Books and long sighs

I came across this on the way back to my car from my doctor.  To get to where I parked, I had to walk through a tiny churchyard, and this was there next to a few benches.  I've seen these on the internet, but never in real life.  It had some good titles too!

School is finally done, so I'm coming back to this blog.  Words can't describe how relieved I am, so a deep breath and long exhale will have to do.

Apr 28, 2014

Spring things

Bucky on the porch; Cassie watching over him.

It's still a bit cool out, but Bucky enjoys it.  He hangs out on the porch while we work in our garden.  Such a great dog!  His back foot is bandaged; he twisted his ankle very badly, and because he has arthritis back there, it got to be kind of a big deal.  But now that he has a bit of support with the bandage, he's almost back to his old self again.  Bucky never misses an opportunity to spend time on the porch.

Front-yard Azaleas

Spring isn't official until the Azaleas come out.  Our front yard is all ivy, dotted with some great pink bushes.  We've been waiting for these guys to make their appearance.  And they only last a few weeks, so I wanted to get a picture as soon as possible.  


Well, hopefully.  We planted corn in the pots, and in the bed went carrots, mesclun, and cucumber.  This weekend we're going to set up the tomato bag, and the hanging planters for tomato and cucumber.  Yes, it's a bit redundant, but I'm trying to figure out what works.  This is our first year growing food.  Oh, and we're going to move our herb trough into a sunny spot in the front yard.  I have chamomile seeds for that already (which probably won't grow - I accept my fate), and lavender seeds.  The local nursery has patchouli, peppermint, rosemary, and sage plants all ready to go in the trough.

24 days until graduation.