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Dec 31, 2014


We have a guest for New Year's.  This is Sarah, and we are fostering her for the holiday. She is recovering from having a large part of her leg replaced, hence the inflatable Elizabethan collar of shame.  We do have the option of keeping her for another two weeks, but Bucky isn't feeling well, and I have to tend to that mess.  He will be OK, but it's just a little awkward right now.  I feel so horrible for all these poor kids!  But everyone is being cared for.  Sarah has a lot of good people watching out for her, that much was obvious when we picked her up today.  I'll miss her because she is super sweet and calm (a calm lab!) but Bucky needs my full attention.   Plus he gets so jealous.  I bought him a new toy today, a Christmas Wookie from Petco, to try to make it up to him.

I love New Year's!  Everything calms down, and it gives me the chance to think about what I want to do and start fresh.  I'm hoping that tomorrow Ben and I can go to a yoga class.  That would be a great way to start 2015.  Or I could sleep through the day, then read Yoga Journal.  That counts too, right?

Dec 11, 2014


Books are my favorite things, right after Ben and the animals.  I can't wait to have a proper library of my own.  While I love our built-in shelves, they simply aren't enough for all the books I have.  And I frequently donate books to the free bookstore!

I just finished Snowblind by Christopher Golden (the 60th book I read this year!).  It wasn't grand literature; actually it was a bit juvenile in it's phrasing, but the author really does weave a great story.  There were a lot of "wow, I did not see that coming" moments for me throughout the book.  If the writing had been more mature, it would have been an amazing horror novel.  Still, I think I'd give another one of his books a try.

I'm reading Anna Karenina along with my reddit bookclub.  Last year I considered joining a club at a local shop (they have a bar in their reading room!).  I even read one of their books.  But joining would require putting on pants and leaving the house.  Boo.  I think reading a long with folks on reddit and having online discussions is more my style right now.  I have a lot of outside-the-house things planned for next year, so I might throw that in as well.

Originally, I joined this club because I had been considering reading Anna K again.  One of my blog friends had just finished it, and her writings about it intrigued me.  But I was intimidated and didn't want to read it alone.  I discovered that this club just so happened to be about to start Anna K, so I took it as a sign.

We're in Part Two right now.  I don't know why I was intimidated!  It's very easy to read.  Maybe it wasn't easy for 11 year old me (I tried to read the damn thing when I was in 5th grade and understood nothing) but I'm breezing through it.  Our club leader described it as a "page-turner".  Now, I've never heard such thick Russian literature described as such, but he has a point.  I'm easily and happily meeting my page requirement each day (self-imposed, really).  And I like the discussions we had about Part One.  My favorite topic: the cover looks like a butt.

It's a butt.

Nov 19, 2014

My sweet Jersey

Jersey's people sent me a picture of him this week.  He is, apparently, now buddies with the cat.  I love this!  I love how happy he is making those folks.  And look how much better he looks.  The poor thing has gained some weight, thank god.  I hope they make it to the picnics this summer, because I would just love to see him again.  By then he should be big and healthy!

Oct 30, 2014

I love the happy Aziz face!

Tomorrow is Halloween!  We have the dogs' costumes all ready.  Laceigh's needed some work.  In the process of doing that work, I managed to burn two fingers and slice into another.  But her costume turned out really well, so it was worth it.  I just can't do dishes for awhile.

Hopefully I'll be able to post some pictures tomorrow.

Oct 29, 2014

Adoption day

This was the last picture I took with Georgie.  We took him to his new home on Sunday.  His adoptive parents were awesome, and I'm glad I had a chance to meet them.  They renamed him Jersey, which I love.  I know he has a great home, but I miss him terribly.  All he wanted was love.  And he was hilarious.  I hope they come to the yearly picnics, because I'd love to see him again.  They promised pictures so we can see him all filled out and healthy.  I can't wait.

Oct 23, 2014

This little boy got adopted!

Yay for Georgie!

Disappointment, and moving on

I don't want to devote a lot of time to this, so I'm going to just come out with it: I had to withdraw from school this semester due to my unending migraines.  This is such a great program, and I was enjoying the hell out of it.  But I haven't been too excited about it lately because I'm in near-constant pain.  So, I'll take some time off, get this figured out, and jump back in next semester.  No big deal, right?

To counter this major disappointment, I'm throwing myself into all things arts and crafts.  If I don't, I'll probably just sit on the couch being morose for the next few months.  As tempting as that is, it's a waste of time.  So here are two things I worked on today.

I've been meaning to get these pictures framed and hung for months, but I could never decide on frames.  Everything I saw was too expensive and didn't thrill me.  So when I saw these raw wood frames at Michael's for a few dollars a piece, I decided to do it this way.  If they came out not to my liking, I could easily change them.  I went back and forth between staining them and painting them white.  The best plan would be to stain them, and if I didn't like it, I could paint over it.  I think I like the stain.

I also fixed a box I made that I had spilled wax on.  The top, below, was covered with it.  It only took me a few minutes (but lots of paper towels and wax remover) to clean everything up.  I've been meaning to do this for years!

And the inside, because of course you're curious.  It's my sleepy-time box.  When I have trouble sleeping, which is always, I huff the lavender sachet and read from one of the poem cards inside the "Sweet Dreams" box.  Insomnia is the worst!

I'll be working on some more things after my doctor appointment tomorrow.  Yay for being productive, I guess!

Oct 10, 2014


This is Georgie, our current foster.  He came from a really lousy shelter in NJ, and before that, he was a stray for god only knows how long.  The poor thing had fleas, is still suffering from a skin infection related to that.  He lost a lot of hair from it as well.  His ears are infected, and he's about half the weight he should be.

But he is such a sweet and happy kid!  Georgie let us bathe him with no problems.  He made the vet do the entire exam while rubbing his belly.  And he's sweet to the kitties.  Eva hisses at him to no end; he just cries and looks to me for an explanation.  Sorry Georgie, she's a grumpy kitty where dogs are concerned.

He is only with me temporarily, and I'll be devastated to see him go.  I was just asked to foster him until he gets adopted, but unfortunately, I cannot do so.  Heart --> broken.

(That's Laceigh in the background, being super derpy.)

This weekend we're taking all three dogs to my parents house so they an run around on the large property.  Georgie was stuck in a cage for awhile, so I know he will appreciate stretching his legs and running as fast as he possibly can.  And he will have more people to love him.

Oct 3, 2014


It's Friday!  Tomorrow we are getting a new foster kid (yay), and dropping three back off at the SPCA (boo).  Our new guy is a dog from the Springer Spaniel rescue group I work with.  He's coming from a really crappy shelter in NJ.  This is his first stop on the road to a new life.  We're going to show him how great it is to be loved and spoiled!  I just can't wait to meet him.

Pictures soon.

Oct 1, 2014

Summer recap

I stopped blogging in late July, needing to take a break from life for awhile.  Because the last few years have been hectic, and this was the first summer I wasn't required to do anything, I really needed to drop everything.

And it's just as well that I did, because I got tapped to help a neighbor from the next 'hood over with a cat problem.  They had a hoarder at the end of the block, and when she died or was removed from the home, around two dozen cats bolted from the house and scattered around the neighborhood.  We focused on a cat with four young kittens.  After much drama in trying to catch and trap them, we finally made it happen.  Mama cat and her one kitten, Rinald, got loving homes through the SPCA (who generously took them even though they were pretty full).  Those guys got adopted within a week!

The two girl kittens were a little harder to deal with, since they were all but feral.  Dorothy had long-ish white hair and was super pretty, but obviously had some mental issues.  When I had them spayed through Best Friends Rescue TNR program, I found that she has cerebellar hyperplasia, which means that her motor skills didn't fully develop, and that she would be unstable as far as walking/jumping goes.  The woman at the rescue asked me if I would be willing to let her keep Dorothy - she had a great home lined up for her.  Of course I said yes, and I still get updates.

Merida was a handful, but she got sweet quite quickly.  The woman with the rescue taught me how to socialize feral cats, and it worked like a charm.  We became fast friends.  I asked my parents to babysit all our animals while we went to visit Ben's mom in Boston, and when we came back, they didn't want to let Merida go.  She had gotten along very well with the resident cats, especially the younger male.  So they kept her, and have fallen hard for her.  I'm so glad all these kids have good homes, and that I get to still have Merida in the family.  I'm also grateful to Becky at Best Friends Rescue for helping this happen.

Some other things happened:

  • I sprained my stupid foot.  It healed, but I don't think it did so entirely properly.
  • I was driving home from Johns Hopkins when I was hit by a woman having a seizure.  My front bumper fell off, but that was the extent of the damage.  She tried to claim it was my fault (wat) but my insurance company told her to cram it.  She didn't have a real license, and was driving someone else's uninsured car, so she is in big trouble with the city.  Not my problem.
  • UMBC finally accepted me to their Post-Bacc Certificate Program.  It is unbelievably awesome.  More on that later.
  • My migraines are back in full force.  I'm currently on a steroid regimen to stop the brain swelling.  I hate it, it makes me tired and weird, but at least I'm migraine-free for the first time in about two weeks.
  • Thursday we are getting a temporary foster dog from the Springer Spaniel rescue group I work with.  He was in a horrible shelter and is in pretty bad shape, but we will fix him up and spoil him rotten.
  • I've been doing a lot of work with the SPCA, including fostering baby kittens (as I've written about before).  Now that Merida and Dorothy are no longer holed up in my spare room, SPCA foster kits have moved back in.  One has been adopted by our friends in NJ, Jeff and David.  She's another one I'm glad will remain in the family, because we got very attached.
  • I finished my Goodreads 50-book challenge for 2014.  And I'm still reading.

I'm bound for bed, because these steroids really take their toll on my energy level.  Tomorrow has to be another easy day, and will include one trip to the doctor.  And Thursday, I'm back in school.  I hope to feel like a normal person by then.