Jun 12, 2015

Welcome to Jewel's House Animal Sanctuary

My grandma Jewel was an animal lover.  Whenever neighborhood children would find a stray animal, they would bring it to her.  When her neighbor got drunk and spent the mortgage money on a monkey (this was the '70s, a time when you could buy monkeys at the corner petshop), my grandma kindly bought the monkey, and loved it for the rest of its life.  All the animals were welcome at Jewel's house.  

But here in Maryland, and in most other states, there are more animals than homes.  Many helpless creatures are abandoned, neglected, or worse.  There are several good shelters, but not enough.  I'm working to create an animal sanctuary where all animals are welcome, and none are euthanized for space.  I firmly believe in the No-Kill movement, and abide by that philosophy.

We are Jewel's House Animal Sanctuary, where all animals are welcome.  Please help me expand this operation by donating the necessary funds to file the 501(c)3 paperwork.  Once our non-profit status is official, I will be fundraising for a dedicated sanctuary site, as my house is at capacity!